May 24, 2021

"Lacquer" aka Hairspray, gunshot it!

Getting to know Lyndsy Campbell and Zsuzsana Varga, we talk about their start in the industry.
Balayage, Foilayage and Color tips in between.
Hair Proteins and how much is too much.

Balayage is a technique to give the hair a sun-kissed look usually a freehand technique with a clay lightener no foils used. A sweeping motion up the hair strand to create a beautiful soft transition from  mid shaft to a natural "rootie" lived in look.
Foilayage is done using foils and regular lightener to speed up the process and protect the natural hair from touching the lightener inside the foil.
A sweeping motion is used much the same as balayage however inside a foil. And can be alternated with or combined with root foils or the TIP out method.