June 13, 2021

Instructors tell all - stories of travelling with students

As Instructors, we traveled multiple times from Vancouver BC to California and Nevada, USA. We would drive 20-24 hours from our homes, just to see the latest rock stars of the hair industry. Many students would travel with us over these years, we just wanted to enlighten these new professionals and show them something spectacular at an international show.
Students would fundraise for months before these shows just to fund their travel expenses.
We had 3 Campuses and students would participate from all locations.
There are  so many stories that we can't keep them all straight....
We went to the show, however the funniest stories were what happened before and after the events.
This was my core group of ladies. I appreciate their dedication to the hair industry, and our friendship after all these years!
Listen till the end.....A Tribe Called Quest- I Left My Wallet in El Segundo 1990